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1. Completing; forming a complement.
2. (of two or more different things) Combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize each other's qualities.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Say hello to Flying Mule Studio


We're Jon & Sharon England of
Flying Mule Studio

We love vintage cameras, firmly believing film is not dead, and most of our Photography Art Prints are visual testimonies of the depth analogue has to offer. But, we do acknowledge that Digital has it's place and do offer Digital Prints as well. Although Jon prefers to leave that area to his wife as he stands firmly beside his trusty Zenit EM camera.

Sharon is an artist of all sorts. Painting, writing, sewing, sketching, and sculpting away in an effort to share the joy that bubbles up in her heart with the rest of mankind. She loves experimenting with new techniques and playing with colors and textures. So you just never know what whimsical pieces you'll find in their Shop.

Though we've been doing all the above for years, we've recently decided to join forces under the umbrella of the Flying Mule.
It's been nice sharing a bit about ourselves and we hope to see you sometime in the land of the Flying Mule...


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