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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am Leola Walker. I am 54 and retired. I live in a resort community in Saskatchewan with my husband and two cats.

I started painting a few years ago. I painted on anything I could get my hands on…cement, wood, canvas. You name it, I painted on it.

By chance I learned of Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and mail art. Soon I had collected well over 400 cards. (I'm still collecting). I soon branched out to ACEO's (art cards, editions, originals - the same as ATC’s only ACEO’s are sold rather than traded. Both are always 2.5” x 3.5”) and miniatures (small format art).

Painting in miniature is a passion with me.

I use mainly acrylics, but have dabbled in oils and pencil. I am known mainly for my "element" paintings because of my love for the ever the changing western sky.

You will find me on ebay and on etsy when you search for Southshoreartist.

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May Terry said...

I love your work, Leola. You do such gorgeous miniatures! Keep 'em coming...