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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Easing into green - zJayne's wonderful world of upcycling

Secret Garden Altered Art Assemblage ~ Approx. 7.5" x 3.5"

How I Found My Niche ...

If you would have told me a couple or so years ago that at the age of 50 I'd be writing this short article on how I found my niche, I would have just tsk tsk'ed and considered it wishful thinking.

Alas, I think it's happened. Why am I saying 'I think' when I should know? Well, that's because if there's one thing I've noticed a lot in the art community, it's the 'never quite sure' status of our psyche. With that said, I now share with you that I am blessed to have found my niche in art.

I guess I'm a closet recycler and find it hard to toss a piece of metal away that might have another use. Thrifting was becoming a hobby for me, and my favorite finds were vintage belts, purses, and fun tshirts. So when I took a buckle from a vintage belt and collaged a face under it, then cut a piece of soft leather to fit here and a broken piece of earring to fit there, the next thing I knew I was creating Altered Art Dolls. I like knowing that what I am doing has a name, so I found myself at the library looking for words for my art form. That's how I found Altered, Assemblage, and Mixed Media. These were words I was not familiar with, yet I felt like another person was making these dolls and I really liked that other person. It was me, but I was making excuses to those around me for how my art dolls kind of fell together. I was apologizing for my art. Imagine that? I can't believe it myself, but I worked on that behavior, and I've grown in my art and am proud to share.

Madonna Noire Altered Art Assemblage

Often, growing up, my friends would call me artsy, and I found myself always wanting to explain to them why. It was a way to justify why my brain works like it does, yet can you ever explain that to another living soul. My dolls come together in a way that works for me. Often I will not know what my intentions will be until I put on some favorite music and start setting my jewelry pieces before me this way and that. My children, who are grown now, always called my music "cleaning music" because I'd get into this mode where I could get something done. I clean much less now and create much more. Music and art make a difference for me on a daily basis.
Having a niche takes away the wondering if I am an artist or not. Often it's not about what I know, it's about how I feel after a piece of art is made and I'm sharing it with others. I do remember wanting to find my own niche. Pretty much all my life I wanted something that made a difference. Art and the wonderful art friends I've crossed paths with make a difference.

I like to call my dolls "Little Things" with this definition:
"No two dolls can ever be identical; each doll has been exquisitely designed and presented for enjoyment, conversation and the unique ability to take a shot at making a difference. Treat yourself to the experience of owning something you like but may not have a reason for… it's surprising how empowering little things can be."

Little things can last a lifetime.
~Jayne Pierce
aka zJayne

"Capricorn" ~ Copper ACEO Art Card


Amazingly useful wristlet(s) bag/purse and for storage ~ Sizes vary.

Approx. 5/6/7” by 7/8/9” …or smaller or larger (need an exact, just ask)


zJayne’s tShirt Market Bags

So Fun, So Easy to Use, So affordable – Make a Difference



"Paper or Plastic No Thank You"

Paper or Plastic? How about neither.

It takes as much petroleum to make 14 plastic bags as it does to drive a car one mile.

Helpful answers to questions you might have:

Q: Do you make the bags from t-shirts or t-shirt material?

A: *All my bags are made from reclaimed tshirts. Even the pouches/wristlets are made from the sleeves of the tshirts cut for the market bags.

Q: If someone purchases a bag, do they choose what the front says?

A: *Yes they can, I have a list of bags that I try to keep current. I keep it on my Profile but it’s always good to pick an extra or two, just in case (or I can pick for you too, just let me know). Sometimes in a ONE bag listing, I will feature a rare, unique, fun bag and the listing says you can choose this bag or another from a current list.

Q: Why are there differences in bag prices?

A: *One bag is $5, Two bags $9, Three bags $12, Six bags for $24 w/low ship price and so forth. Pick the listing for the number of bags you want (ONE, TWO, THREE, SIX, THIRTEEN or TWENTY-SIX)…the more you buy, the better the cost. Not because any one bag is worth more than another…it’s the quantity that lowers the price. Even a ‘featured’ bag can be chosen in a multiple listing, if it’s requested and available.


shellrose said...

YAY, zJayne!!!! I'm so glad you found your niche and glad I found you! I love the pieces of your artwork that I own not only because they are beautiful...but because they come from a beautiful person!


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

agreeing with you Shell!

zJayne's arty doll upcycled pieces are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in person - I have TWO... one I wear on a chain!!!!!!

Her innovation and natural gifting are so clear and pure -- sigh ** great work z!!


Nora said...

Yes, But, No, But, Yes, But No!!! Hey Goldie...glad to see you found your niche...or did you???...I am sure it will keep growing as you discover new mediums to delve into! Great Work for a great Sista!!! Kudos for a job well done!


Leola said...

I am in love with the Arty Dolls. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

SToNZ said...

zJayne is so creative and amazing...

LOVE the article...
LOVE the assemblage dolls, LOVE the bags...



Valerie said...

What a lovely article! zJayne is a gem!g

CarrieMc said...

Having seen Jayne's artwork up close and personal, I have to say it is beautiful. She is "artsy" in every sense of the word. I love the idea of taking everything and anything and turning it into art. I espically like the t-shirt bags because they are practical and useful. I *heart* my Napolean Dynamite bag! Keep creating Jayne!

Loudlife said...

Z-Jayne, it's lucky for all of us that you found your niche! As always, I love your work!