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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Robin Leath

I have the privelege of introducing you all to the gifted and incredibly warm artist ROBIN LEATH. Below I am copying a questionaire given to Robin by her son that gives you all a glimpse into her loving world and her beautiful art.
katey~D, editor CAAT

Hi Mom,

I have to write an artist bio for the Dayton Right to Life Viva program on you. What jobs in arts and crafts have you held (basket making, graphic design for church, etc.)?

1. I started as a teenager assisting our school district art teacher working with the elementary kids & I worked freelance drawing homes for a real estate company that used them to promote their listings.

2. I have always enjoyed teaching art to adults and children especially the homeschoolers!

3. After my youngest son started kindergarten I was offered the opportunity to make the baskets for Heart Warming Creations in London, Ohio - did that about 3 years...til I started having carpal tunnel problems.

4. Working at the churches I did all of the desk top publishing - brochures, bulletins etc, the PowerPoint presentations and Web Page design & publishing.

What age did you get really involve with your art?

Coloring books and paint boxes were always my favorite toys....by age 10 my teachers and family considered me the little artist.

What types of arts and crafts have you dabbled in?

I think I've tried everything but mostly enjoy pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylics, paper arts, doll making, wood carving, chair caning, basket weaving, glass fusing, & now, pottery

What types of your works have you sold?

I have sold original watercolors & acrylic paintings (nationally & internationally - thanks to Ebay!). I made & sold (over two thousand) hand made baskets to Heart Warming Creations.

Where do you see yourself going with your works in the future (selling, keeping as a hobby, contact works, etc.).

This is the way God made me and even at age 52 I'll never tire of learning new things or trying to improve what I'm already doing but whatever opportunities or challenges God sees fit to offer me I will be happy to take on!

~Robin in first person ~

Name: Robin Leath
Born: 9/8/55
Married 10/6/73 to Bill
We are the proud parents of two children, Kristi and Josh, both who are married and a beautiful 2 yr. old granddaughter, Allie.

I was a stay home mom and later after the kids graduated high school I happily worked at a couple different churches as an administrative assistant and media secretary but after 5 or 6 years I began to miss home and hobbies so now I am full time creating and enjoying my art. My husband's company closed up last fall so I am blessed to have him at home with me everyday as we adjust to our "empty nest" stage of life. My husband loves carpentry, gardening and yard work so with our combined interests we have been very busy this summer working on a number of projects:

The "yard art" is so much fun! I have been making fused glass windchimes and covering bowling balls and patio stones with glass and mosaic tile. I just finished up these two stepping stones this week. They are gifts for my son's anniversary and sister who is coming for a visit from Atlanta:

I've also been melting glass. My son needs 65 pendants for the Right To Life fundraiser this fall (he is the Public Relations person) so I am busy cutting and stacking glass to the make the cabs and making choker cords for all of them:

This is the painting I did for the Right to Life Fundraiser featuring Laura Ingraham. This was used for the stationary, invitations, posters and magnets. Laura will sign it and it will end up being sold at the fundraiser's auction.

I've been very excited about my new potter's wheel! I've been watching YouTubes at night that demonstrate how to throw pots...(Simon Leach's are the best) and spend hours and hours during the week practicing. Here are the tiny little pots I've come up with so far - oh, also I bought a OLD USED ceramic kiln at a yard sale a few weeks ago and took it the Vulcan Kiln manufacturer in Dayton, Ohio to get it all fixed up and will pick it up this week! WOOHOO!!!

I'm still painting ACEO's (2.5" x 3.5" format) to sell on Ebay:

I mentioned in the questionaire for my son that I was a basket weaver. I will still sit down at Christmas or special occasions and weave a few for gifts. Here is a picture of the lot I made last Christmas:

This is my studio....believe it or not I just "cleaned" earlier this week.




I would like to spread the word that if there is anyone out there that has a "miracle birth" story, theirs or somebody they know, Dayton Right to Life is currently looking for their true life stories and as a charitible donation these individuals may submit their story and a piece of their own original art to be auctioned at the charity auction the night of the Laura Ingraham fundraiser. Please contact me a rrleath@woh.rr.com for more details and the address to send their contribution. THANK YOU!!!


May Terry said...

Your art is absolutely beautiful, Robin! Keep up the good work!


Patti said...

Robin, you have truly been blessed with the gifts of artistry and craftsmanship!! What an AMAZING array of mediums you create in!

I especially LOVE that you've been able to use you creative gifts to support causes you believe in and to bless others!!

Wishing you the very BEST! :)

Patti Moore

Bevie said...

My dear Robin, it doesn't surprise me that you're accomplished in so many different areas for what I've seen of your work is just awesome...so wonderful to see all your God give talent put to such wonderful use!!! (((hugs)))