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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pascale Toussaint

in first person...
Title: Window on Nature 2 11x14

I have always been interested in Art; always loved to draw and paint. Although my life experience has taken me elsewhere, art has always been on my mind.

In recent years, I have come back to my love of creating art and have discovered printmaking, in particular, paper lithography, screenprinting and linocut.

Title: Blue Stem on Green Decorative Paper 9x12

In my shop, I am offering prints and also some collage. I hope you will enjoy my artwork as much I have enjoyed creating them!

Title: Anytime Card Set Green Stem on Green and Brown Paper 5x7

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images and bio (C)2011 Pascale Toussaint - used by permission


Joye Schwartz said...

Love your window on Nature print!

SToNZ said...

Love your prints!!
Very nice work~